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Where it all started

2 moms, 1 mission

Toys ➡️ Whisper toys 

You read that right, whisper toys and it's really no joke 🙃

This is a large and important part of our range of toys

As moms, we know what it's like to hear noise all around us. Which is of course normal if you have children at home. But... every now and then we want peace, peace around us, no, we don't mean dropping off the kids or turning on the TV. Just let them keep playing. Play without the noise of wooden toys, hard plastic toys, toys with music, and so on. Yes! playing without too much noise, that's possible! We discovered silicone toys for this purpose, called Whisper Toys. Think of a silicone stacking tower, stacking blocks, play puzzle, etc...

Our whisper toys are made of 100% silicone, which also makes the toy 100% durable. Whatever makes it safe to put in the mouth.

The silicone products are even soothing for painful teething.

Educational play

As moms, we think it's important that our children can play while learning. We carefully select and design each new product, test it and adjust it where necessary. For example, we look at every toy to see what it can do for a child and a child will also like it.

A good example are the koko stacking blocks, what does this mean for a child:

  • Learn to stack
  • Learns to recognize shapes
  • Learns to count
  • Teaches animals
  • Teaches fruits
  • Teaches letters
  • Learns to perceive colors

Numerous benefits

There are plenty of reasons to choose our toys, view a number of advantages below. Still in doubt? Do not hesitate to contact us customer 

🐻 Quiet toys 👉🏻 whisper toys

🐻 Educational toys 👉🏻 your child learns while playing what is positive for development

🐻 Safe for the environment 👉🏻 100 % silicone, no toxic substances that are present in plastic, for example.

🐻 Safe for your child 👉🏻 It is allowed to put the toys in the mouth, children like this and for the little ones this helps against passing teeth.

🐻 Soft toys 👉🏻 Unlike hard plastic or wooden toys, our silicone toys are soft and won't hurt your little one.

🐻 Tested by moms 👉🏻 We as moms test every product ourselves and also let other moms test our products regularly.

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We are proud

Hundreds of parents and grandparents have already purchased the snack bowl and the 360° set . We never dared to dream of this. Our other products are also becoming increasingly popular. You can now even find Mabebi in a number of children's stores, namely in Belgian and Dutch Limburg.

What can we improve?

We therefore often ask ourselves, what can we improve? This means we can work again and again to make everything the most environmentally friendly.

Why is this so important?

As parents, we should be the example for our children. They are the ones we have to do it for, it's about their future. If this allows us to limit our ecological footprint, we will do so.

Child friendly

It may seem obvious, but it is not always so. Because we produce our products ourselves, this is very important. Every product is tested and checked to see if it is child-friendly. We are mothers ourselves and therefore ask ourselves whether we think it is safe for the children, are the children interested in it, is this possible for children, etc.,...


It seems so cliché because every company talks about quality, we know it. But it is also effectively the case with Mabebi. We stand for quality, that's why we test everything ourselves and listen to you. If there is a product that a customer is not satisfied with, we will look for solutions. If we can change something about the product so that we can deliver better quality, we will do so. Our products are solid, so we really prefer quality over quantity.


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